KMART: A house of brands

Our team was tasked with developing a portfolio of brands for a large retailer. The project requirements included brand architecture, naming, positioning, strategy and package design for a family of brands. Arranged in tiers, the house brands span across segments and price levels. Four different brands were established under the Kmart umbrella, as follows:

  1. Catherine & Sebastian: High-end tier offering household, home decor, food and pet products. The discovery phase taught us that the most successful brand names out there use proper nouns, so we decided to name this brand after the founder’s parents.
  2. C+S: The “offspring” of Catherine & Sebastian; this tier sits at a mid-to-high range and offers baby, toddler and mother products. Innovative packaging structures—like the rice milk four-pack—were developed specifically for this tier, to promote learning and brand loyalty: The cubed bottle caps help teach children the letters of the alphabet, while collecting them encourages the continuous purchase of a Kmart product.
  3. Soleil: Kmart became well known for it’s “Blue Light Specials” in the early 90s. We recognized the value in the strong connection people made between these promotions, Kmart, and savings. To expand this idea into Kmart’s own private line, we took a cue from the French word soleil (meaning sun), and transformed it into a renewed “light”, for a renewed Kmart. Inspired by the natural beauty and goodness of the sun, K Soleil  products pair sustainable materials and organic ingredients with the talent of local artisans.
  4. Serendipity: This tier honors the meaning of its name: good luck in making unexpected, fortunate discoveries. Determined to make the new Kmart a one-stop shopping experience, we created the Serendipity beauty salon, (to be located inside Kmart stores), and a line of beauty products with the same name. This reciprocal connection strengthens the presence of the beauty salon, while visiting the salon further promotes the Serendipity brand.

Graphic + Product Design: Maya Ostrander, Cristina Rotundo, Nicole Berman, Juancarlos Henriquez, Woorim Choi